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You'll want to check with the test administrator at your student's school. The scores you've posted are percentages related either to grade or age. Ask the test administrator to see the full report of your student's test scores.


My son took the OLSAT as a third grader. His results are listed as the following percentage scores:
Total 99-9
Verbal 99-9
Nonverbal 99-9
How can I find out what his SAI score would be?

L. Cheung

Is olsat scoring based on test level AND age. With all the 'redshirting' going on in the country, students entering school on time may be disadvantaged. I.e. My 5 year old daughter ( born 10/06) entering 1st grade will be taking the Level B exam. Her best friend with the exact birthday will be entering Kindergarten will be taking the Level A exam. Since they are the same age will their scores be compared to one another even though they are taking different exams?

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